1 Month// Alice Marie

I am so much more in love with the Lord for giving me a body capable of having this precious child, my amazing husband who I love even more today— more than anyone in this world. Our wonderful family and friends for their constant support and prayers for this journey. And of course we are so so in love with our baby girl.


I can’t believe she is already a month old! Alice is stubborn like her mom and has perfect little eyes just like her dad!

This definitely has been a challenging month–probably the most challenging month I’ve ever had. Alice has been colicky and we are trying everything in our power to resolve it! The pediatrician assumes it could be reflux or just gas, but something has to be wrong because the only time she isn’t crying is when she’s asleep!

Another thing that has been difficult is breastfeeding. I made up my mind that I am going to try almost everything I can to make it work. Whenever Alice nurses, she only eats for about 7 minutes and then cries. So we are currently working through that. (If you have any suggestions please let me know). Other than that, I am still so fortunate

e to be able to breastfeed up to this point and it can be an enjoyable, intimate moment between Alice and I.


I am still trying to heal from my c-section and just the labor experience in general. My emotions have been a roller coaster! I find myself crying about 4 times a day. Luckily, my hormones should level out by week 6 or 7. 

I am grateful for my family and friends who have come alongside us during this rough time. We definitely could not make it without them! 


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