2 Months // Alice Marie

Can’t believe my little baby is 2 months!
For the first 7 weeks or so, poor Alice was a bit colicky. Turns out she just really hates when mom eats dairy! We also still believe she has some acid reflux and is taking Zantac.


She still loves momma’s milk, baths and being around people! We really think she will be an extrovert like Patrick and I are. 

She loves looking at her mobiles now! Every morning we lay her on the floor and she will coo and sling her arms toward the suspended pastel balls! I am trying to keep her toys as minimal and developmental as possible. 

For years I have been intrigued by Montessori education and plan to implement that type of learning in our home! I plan to do a blog post about that in the coming months!


I went for my 6 week final check up with my OB and he said everything looked great. I am finally able to start exercising again! I have about 22 pounds to lose now. I had gained 50 so I assume this may take up to a year to come off.

Part of me misses my old body, while the other half rejoices that this body could give life and sustain life for a precious human. I am praying that I don’t struggle with body image through early parenthood.


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