25 Christmas Date Ideas

There is nothing more romantic to me than celebrating the holidays with my husband. There is something about it that brings out the hopeless romantic in me starting on December 1st (let’s be real, more like the day after Halloween). I made a list of fun, festive Christmas activities my husband and I have done together the past couple of years. Keep reading if you want some ideas to share with your significant other (or bff, no judgement). 



1. Put up the tree. 

This is how you can kick off the festivities! On Thanksgiving Day (or earlier), the tree goes up! The most fun thing about putting up the tree is deciding where to put it and how to decorate it!

2. Bake cookies. 

Stay indoors, make some hot chocolate,  bake cookies, then decorate them. If you are trying to watch your sugar intake then give the cookies away to your neighbors!

3. Attend or host a Christmas party.

Don’t go alone to that office party! Take your significant other with you and make a date out of it. If you don’t have one to go to, throw your own party! You can even make a game out of who gets the best gift for a certain price, or who wears the ugliest sweater of the two!

4. Drive around to look at lights listening to Christmas music in your Christmas jammies (reference video).

This doesn’t have to be at a park. You can even go look around at houses in the neighborhood and check out the decorations! This is also great to get inspiration for your decor next year. Win, win.

5. Make ornaments. 

I love doing this now, and it will be even better once (if) we have kids! We go to a local shop to paint ornaments and get them glazed. It’s also a good way to add tradition into your annual decorating.

6. Christmas movie swap.

My husband is not too fond of my favorite Christmas movies so sometimes we have to negotiate. My favorite is the super cheesy Christmas Cupid. For another date night we will watch his Christmas movie… Die Hard is still a Christmas movie.

7. Attend local holiday events.

Almost every town has some Christmas bazaar or parade. This is also a new opportunity to explore a nearby town!

8. Write a list of things you are thankful for. 

Make a list of things that you are thankful for this year. Reflect on how God has brought you closer or what he has brought you through and use this as a time of prayer and worship (only suggested for those who are married).

9. Iceskating.

Go iceskating and then grab dinner together! No skating experience required…

10. Make gingerbread houses!

You can do as much or as little as you want with this. The extroverts can invite other couples to join in and have a contest for the best one! 

11. Visit a tree farm.

This is a great place to explore and scope out a good place to take Christmas card photos!

12. Get your picture taken with Santa.

Do this at the mall or your local Walmart (if you dare), this one is even better if you don’t have kids……

13. Make stockings together.

This year, I realized stockings are more pricey than I remember. So making them will be cheaper and they will be more meaningful in years to come!

14. Take a sleigh ride.

This is even better if you are doing this in a new town! I would do this first thing so it can act as a tour. 

15. Make one of your family’s favorite recipes.

A little hint for the guys— it is very cute to try out one of your grandmother’s recipes!

16. Recreate baby Christmas cards.

This one is only for the brave. Even better if you can actually post them…

17. Go on a daycation.

One of my favorite things to do is to go to a town we’ve never been before and explore it. We try to do this every December or January. During this time, there are so many Christmas activities going on you can’t get bored!

18. String popcorn

Just like they did back in the day. I’ve actually never done this one! I would like to try it and use it for Christmas decor.

19. Watch a bunch of the Christmas episodes from your favorite shows.

Just found out Amazon Prime TV has a category of “Christmas TV Shows”. It is your one stop shop for individual Christmas specials! We will be watching some of the Christmas episodes from Parks and Rec, The Office, Dr. Who and Probably a lot more…

20. Paint a Christmas picture.

Preferably one you are actually proud to hang up every year…

21. Wrap presents

This is even better if you add hot chocolate and your friends or family!

22. Make your own Christmas cards. 

Send out your DIY cards to close friends and family with a meaningful note! I have made cards before and it makes it even more fun to write them!

23. See a Christmas show. 

There are always local Christmas plays going on. It doesn’t have to be Broadway to be good. One night my husband and I dressed up and went to see Elf and to our surprise, it was a kids play. We loved every minute of it!

24.  Take a whole day to Christmas shop for your loved ones.

Shopping? A date? Yes, you can definitely make this super fun– whether it’s planned or impromptu!

25. Give together.

Know of a family in need? Go shopping together and pick out toys for parents who might not be able to give gifts to their children this year. There are tons of ways to serve/give locally and internationally!


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What are your favorite date ideas? Let me know in the comments below!

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