3 Months // Alice Marie

Alice is now 3 months old! If she could stop growing now, that’d be great..


Around 3.5 months, Alice hit the dreaded 4 month sleep regression. She went from occasionally sleeping through the night in her bassinet to waking up every hour to feed. Because of this we started co-sleeping.

At first I loved the comfort of having her next to me. However, it also meant that she was waking up much more during the night and needs to be held during every nap. We have been thinking about possibly sleep training in the future.

Alice currently loves..
Reading the Story Book Bible
Black and white images
Her mobile toys
Chewing on my shoulder
The Jonas Brothers – specifically the song “cool”

One of the most interesting things is to watch Alice grow and develop her fine motor skills. I’ve been doing my best to give her toys that aid her in grasping and exploring the world!
I think we are finally out of her colicky phase 👏🏼! She now only cries when she needs something which is so good for us! Thank you for all your prayers for this sweet girl. She is an amazing addition to our family.


Now that Alice seems to be less colicky, life has been so much better for me! my body isn’t completely healed, but I feel more like my old self!

I have about 15 pounds to lose if I want to be back to a healthy weight range. I began watching what I was eating by trying to stay within my macros (without counting them). I have also been doing BeachBody workouts and they are great!

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