3 Outfits for Thanksgiving Weekend

If you’re like me, your Thanksgiving weekend is sometimes super busy seeing friends and family. This usually means that some places you go to will be more formal, while others not so much. Luckily, I’ve got you covered with three outfits for the weekend (no matter the occasion).


1. Casual

Traveling all weekend? Gaining food bellies? What might be best for you is an oversized or loose sweater with jeans or leggings. For this, I took a cue from Selena Gomez and wore all gray (a.k.a, groutfit). I also added this weekender bag that is a huge life saver. It’s pretty obvious that I love wearing gray…..



2. Dressier -Casual

This outfit is sort of in the middle. For some reason, I usually never find myself wearing this during Thanksgiving because I like to either be super comfortable or go all out like I’m at the Red Carpet. Anyone feel me here? For this I chose to go with a gray top with jeans and white heels. I am a huge fan of how the sleeves flare out just a bit.



3. Dressy

Nothing says dressy more than a dress does. This dress just screams fall to me and I love it! Anyway, chose to go with this one paired with these booties and a dark lip that complete the look. Please do not mind the wrinkles, I am way too lazy to iron.



Shop the look:


Will you be wearing any of these outfits? Or will you be wearing your pajamas for Thanksgiving? No judgement here. Let me know in the comments below!

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