4 Months// Alice Marie

Where does the time go? I can’t believe Alice is already 4 months old! This month seemed to be the biggest time of learning and development for her yet!

Weight: 14 lbs.

Height: 25.5 in.


Alice is starting to pack on the weight and get pretty chunky now! She still has squinty eyes just like her Daddy and very thin (almost bald) hair. Whenever someone sees her, they always compliment on her skin complexion. 

Alice is beginning to coo and “talk” more, sometimes she will even talk back to you when you sing!

Developments and Milestones:

Grabs things intentionally with hands

Rolls over front and back

Searches for me

Beginning to respond to her name

Sticks objects in her mouth

Responds to conversations

Sleeps through the night and independently (mainly because we sleep trained her right at 4 months)


I wanted to begin adding Montessori style updates that we do with Alice at this age.

Since we have been sleep training Alice, we put her on a crib bed on the floor. This should instill independence as she gets older and learns to move around.

She has still been loving her toys! She loves playing with little “treasure baskets” I’ve made her. One thing I did was put rings like a wooden circle and cut up a paper towel roll in a basket to let her choose what to pick up. the purpose of this was to create independence by letting her “choose” the toy and also helps with motor skills of grasping objects intentionally.


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