5 Months//Alice Marie

Baby Alice is now 5 months!

Weight: 14.8

Height: 25.5 since last month


Babbling and laughing
Rolling and pushing herself up
Taking down her bows
Christmas lights

When Alice hit month 5 she also reached a developmental leap called “relationships.” (Ive learned all of this through Wonder Weeks)! During this leap, she is beginning to understand the relationships between things that make up her world.

For example, she loves to play with her fabric ball. When it rolls away from her and she can’t crawl to get it she starts fussing because she now realizes the ball is too far for her to reach. When I leave the room and she can’t see me, she immediately starts crying because she knows I’m no longer there.

This all should aid her in beginning to crawl. I’m hoping that playing with balls and things that move will incentivize her to try to crawl!


Beginning to sit up on her own

Slithers around on the floor

Puts her pacifier back in her mouth

Rolls over front and back

Recognizes familiar faces

Responds to her name


Beginning to reach for food (we will start baby-led weaning next month)!


We have officially given up on the floor bed for a few months. Originally we put Alice on her crib bed on the floor. The floor bed concept was based on the Montessori principle of allowing her to explore her environment as she pleases.

After Alice started rolling of the bed for a few weeks, I began to realize this wasn’t working for now. I wanted the floor bed to work to give her independence and eventual freedom of movement. However, it was too much freedom for her! Alice needs to be confined for now at least until she is able to crawl!

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