6 Reasons I’m Tired of My Guy Asking “You Ready Yet?”

I see my spouse a lot. Like, a whole lot.

We work together, have similar hobbies, raise our son (dog) together. Usually, we are always going places together. However, we have completely different standards when it comes to being “ready” for the said place or event we are attending.

I found it necessary to make a small list of all the reasons I am peeved that my guy consistently yells, “are you ready yet?!” every morning…

Reason # 1

He gets ready in 5 minutes.

This just really gets me. What a nice life it would be to wake up in the morning, take a shower and walk out the door.

Reason #2

It takes time for me to look as fabulous as I can be.

On the flip side, it takes me 30 minutes to an hour to get ready (depending on the day.)

Reason #3

Once I’m actually ready he still has to run back in from forgetting his wallet, keys, etc.

After all this time, he could’ve set there and made a whole list of things he needed to get before we walk out that door….

All this time he was “waiting” on me, he didn’t think to run upstairs and grab that wallet? Instead he was watching that Facebook video I’d be forced to watch later.

Reason #4

He didn’t mind the work I put into my make-up before he asked me on my first date.

When we went out on our first few dates I tired hard to look my best. Given, we didn’t go anywhere except the local Chinese restaurant but still, I tried. I actually made him wait for me for ten minutes and he did not complain one bit then.

Reason #5

It takes me longer to get ready for bed and longer to get ready in the morning so I get a lot less sleep.

Somehow, my husband and I always go to bed at the same time but he always beats me there. It must be due to the fact that he doesn’t have a nightly skincare routine.

Oddly enough, I do these things so he will have something nice to look at in the future.

Reason #6

After all his nagging I still put up with him. And THAT’S the biggest reason why he can put up with it. *Hair flip*

My rant is over. As much as I complain, I am secretly thankful I am rushed in the mornings. Truth be told, without him I’d never be on time for anything.

P.S. don’t tell my husband you read this.


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