5 Things Your Maid of Honor Thinks but Never Says

When you choose a Maid of Honor, you are choosing your right hand woman, the one who will stand beside you and take care of you on one of the most important days of your life.

For some laughs, my Maid of Honor wrote this confessing some of her thoughts during this year long adventure of helping me plan my special day. Keep reading to see what your Maid of Honor may secretly think…

1. It Does Not Matter
I remember it vividly. Sitting in Kelly’s studio apartment a few weeks before her wedding as she paced the floor rambling off wedding ideas. My mind began to wander when the infamous phrase I had grown to loathe came out of her mouth, “What do you think?” The truth is that although I loved her and wanted her wedding to be the best day of her life I didn’t really care that much about her choice of centerpieces. To me it didn’t really matter, and I imagined that it probably didn’t to anyone else either. I learned that as a Maid of Honor one of your primary goals is to bring the bride back down to planet Earth. This is critical because during the planning phase brides lose their ability to think rationally, logically, and practically. Ultimately the success of your marriage is not directly affected by your choice of a centerpiece. It. Does. Not. Matter. Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s like my granny always says, “You’ll never know it in 100 years.”

2. Do It or Don’t
There are very few things worse than an indecisive bride. Throughout the months leading up to the wedding every decision that needs to be made feels like it could make or break the entire event but here’s the key: it won’t. Make a decision and then move on. It is not rocket science ladies. It should not take you 3-5 business days to decide between chicken or pork.

Outdoor weddings are beautiful but with them comes the risk of rain. Kelly got married outside as did another close friend of mine who shall remain nameless (Savannah Peterman Oliver) and for both occasions I was asked to pray without ceasing that it would not rain. Brides you cannot control the weather. Furthermore, meteorologists are not necessarily known for their accuracy (no offense). No good can come from you obsessively monitoring the radar. Take the forecast lightly and plan accordingly.

4. I Didn’t Sign Up for All of This
When I imagined Kelly’s wedding I envisioned our close group of friends laying out on the beach, and exploring the cute little beach town where the ceremony was held. Reality, however, had other plans. The night before the wedding all 6 of us girls were crammed in a hotel room that was bombarded with flowers. At 11 pm Kelly gave us each a pair of scissors and explained how to hold, angle, and then cut the flowers so that they would look the best. She also advised us to proceed with caution because some of the flowers could stain our clothes. AWESOME. So while the groom and his buddies were at a baseball game us ladies were forming an assembly line and getting to work. It was like a sweat shop.

5. You’re Worth It
Somewhere deep beneath the surface of that bridezilla is one of your best friends and she makes all the stress worth it. Some of my favorite memories with Kelly were made while planning her wedding. I’ll never forget going with her to the jewelry store to pick out wedding bands, or when wedding stress led to late night talks in her car outside of my dorm. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Except for burning the 100 CDs she used as wedding favors because that was terrible….

-Erica Creech


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