Alice Marie // 1 Year!


Alice has been blossoming into her own personality lately. It seems like she is approaching the world in a completely different way now. She talks and interacts more and is starting to understand when I communicate with her. 

It has been exciting yet quite sad to see her make the transition from being a baby to a toddler!


Is constantly calling everyone “dada”

Starting to say “nana” for bananas, “bye” and “mama”

Shakes her head no

She has become such a good walker!

Starting to throw the ball to Ollie and other dogs

Gets her books and brings them to us to read to her.. sometimes she will sit down and start reading by herself.


Alice is starting to understand routines and order now! Because of this, she knows when it is time for bedtime is about to come because she is taking a bath and brushing her teeth. 

She has started doing practical life activities everyday. She recently began “helping” me do chores around the house like feed the dog, load the washer, and throw her dirty diaper away. We are also still trying to teach her to drink from an open cup and have provided a little cupboard her size for easy access to snacks!

She is starting to understand when she needs to put something up or give it to an adult. 


We got the chance two throw two celebrations for Alice’s birthday! Because of COVID-19, we wanted to make her parties smaller. So we decided to have one with my parents and friends in Morehead and one with Patrick’s parents in Pikeville! 

I think Alice was shocked to have so much attention at one time but she enjoyed it! We made her some healthy whole grain banana cake and she dug into that. We also made sure she had water activities at both parties because playing in water is her favorite thing to do!

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