Alice Marie // 6 Months

Weight: 15.3
Height: 26in.


  • Alice now has two bottom teeth! We knew she was teething and waited forever for them to come in! She was definitely uncomfortable and fussy all the time. I think she is getting her top two now!
  • Being outside! She could be crying for minutes and once she’s taken outside, she doesn’t make a peep!
  • Meeting new people
  • All her teethers
  • Being held (while you’re standing up)
  • Bananas and eggs
  • Christmas!
  • After Christmas, we took Alice to a conference for 5 days, that was definitely an interesting experience.. She did so good in the car ride but sleeping in a hotel crib in the same room as us messed up her sleep schedule. Every morning she would wake up at 5:30! Lesson learned: leave Alice at home for the next trip.. It’s better for her and us!


  • Sits up on her own
  • Started solid foods
  • Slithers around on the floor


Once Alice went to her 5 month check up, her Doctor had mentioned baby led weaning. Basically he concept of baby led weaning follows the child and what they want to eat/ how they want to eat within your limits and protection.

To Patrick and I, baby led weaning follows a similar approach to Montessori in general of following the child. Instead of feeding her baby food from a jar with a spoon, I give Alice certain mushy foods and let her explore it and learn how to chew it on her own. According to my Doctor this will actually help her to learn how to chew foods and prevent choking hazards later on.


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