Alice Marie // 7 Months

Weight: 16 lbs

Height: couldn’t remember the measurement from the last visit..

Alice has been so happy this month! It seems like every month her personality shows even more. She is currently babbling all the time. Right now she is saying “dada-da-da-DAA” all the time! Guess we already know she’s a Daddy’s girl. Alice has also started to say “buh-bye” and occasionally wave at people.

We have been trying to teach her basic sign language to communicate when she is hungry, tired, etc. We shall see about that and if it ever catches on.. the biggest challenge will be me doing it consistently these next few months.

Alice has been trying soo hard to crawl so we’ve been doing everything we can to help her through it because she can get so frustrated when she tries and doesn’t get far. She has gotten to the point of scooting and going backwards but can’t quite figure out how to move her legs and arms at the same time.

How We Montessori:

This month, we have introduced an object permanence box so she can learn the concept of when something is out of sight, it doesn’t mean it’s completely gone. I definitely think introducing this box has helped her not cry as much when I leave the room.

Here’s a video of Alice with the object permanence box. I wish I could’ve captured her face the first time she put the hall in the whole! She was thrilled! The majority of the time she just chews on the ball, but sometimes she will pop the ball in the hole!

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