Alice Marie// 9 Months



Hiking/ stroller rides

Food (anything we are eating of course + blueberries)

Being sang to

Getting into things

The outdoor swing



Other babies and kids


When Alice hit month 9 she also reached a developmental leap called “categories.” (Ive learned all of this through Wonder Weeks)! During this leap, she is beginning to understand that the world is made up of many categories. She all of a sudden realized that the world is full of order and can be categorical. Alice can recognize that there are certain similarities of things that can be placed into groups. She is learning that dogs are in the same category, or that a banana and bread are both food.

This leap has also made Alice be a little examiner. For example, she now notices something as small as a piece of rice on the floor. She will examine it and pick it up. She can spend minutes doing this. 



Imitates us when we stick our tongues out

(From what I can tell) she recognizes herself in the mirror

Asks for milk using the “milk” sign language

Starting to wave “bye-bye”

Pulls herself up to stand



Lately, I’ve been looking into ways to keep incorporating some more Montessori practices with Alice. One of the biggest things I have tried is teaching her how to drink from an open cup. The reason for doing this is so that she will have greater independence and care by not relying on a sippy cup. This is usually followed with the child eating from a Montessori high chair but we are too cheap to buy one of those. She is really starting to get the hang of drinking from the cup though!

This month I finally bought the subscription to Lovevery. It is a company that produces toys for children based on their age catered for their development. she has loved this months box so far!


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