How to Get Flawless Bronzer

I  used to have the hardest time preventing my bronzer from looking patchy and muddy. Does anyone else have a problem with this? There are countless things I have tried to help with this problem. Dozens of Youtube videos later, and I found myself stuck with the same problem. I finally started changing up my make up routine and a combination of these 7 things helped me achieve that almost perfect tanned glow on my face.

1. Prime your skin. This will allow for the bronzer to catch onto something and makes it stay all day. We all want bronzed skin all day long, right?

2. Moisturize. You should always be moisturizing before putting on makeup, no matter your skin type. This ensures your makeup doesn’t dry out your skin and it also helps keeping your skin looking young and fresh. I use a tinted moisturizer instead of foundation, so this acts as another base for the bronzer.

3. Use a good brush. Use a medium sized fluffy brush that is tapered just a little bit. I used to have a dense brush and it made the bronzer very hard to blend out. I actually use a brush from e.l.f.

4. Pick a bronzer that fits your skin tone. For example, if you have pale skin with a cool undertone, buy a cool toned bronzer. If you have a medium skin tone, use a warmer bronzer.

If you have no clue what your undertone is, go to Sephora! They have a neat tool that can read your tones and help you find make up that fits your skin type.

5. Tap the brush! After your swirl your brush in the bronzer, make sure to tap off the excess. It is always best to apply bronzer in layers rather than put too much on at first.

6. Brontour. If you are too lazy to contour (like me) just pick a bronzer that is a little more cool toned, then you can bronze and chisel out those cheek bones (A.K.A brontouring).

7. Use two bronzers to get more dimension. When I want to get real fancy, I will apply a cream bronzer first (like the Fenty Beauty Stick linked below), and then use a powder bronzer on top. This not only adds 2 different colors, but the powder over cream makes my bronzer last all day!

Below, shop the bronzers and brushes I currently have/ used:

Have you tried any of these tips? Let me know in the comments below!

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