Holiday Outfits


Great news: the best time of the year is here! The Holidays are in full swing, and chances are you have plenty of Holiday parties in your calendar. It is so easy to get stuck wondering what to wear on each occasion. You may have hundreds of fashion pieces, but out of ideas of how to wear them.

No matter what you choose to wear you should always be rocking it comfortably and confidently! Don’t underestimate the benefit of dressing for your body type as well. This is the season of eating a ton of food, so the last thing I want to do is show off my food baby with a tight fitting shirt. Holiday parties are a time to wear things that are a little bold and elevated and that is how you can make a statement! Figure out what works for you and make it you.

Velvet anything.

The velvet trend has still been going strong since last year and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Nothing screams “glam” more than velvet does! It is fitting that this fabric goes hand in hand with Holiday fashion. It happens to make a statement but also keeps you warm.

Sparkle shoes.

These shoes are probably going to be my go-to statement piece for my New Year’s Eve outfit this year. Wearing bold shoes elevate your look but they don’t look like overkill. Wear sparkle or metallic boots with a dress, or with jeans and a t-shirt. It will go with almost anything in your closet.

Mix up your Jumpsuit.

A jumpsuit is such an easy outfit for a reason. It is a piece that you can put on and head out the door. To make it more festive (and warm), add a lace or metallic shirt underneath to mix it up for the holidays.

Festive socks.

To make a simple statement with a casual outfit, get out those fancy lace or sparkle socks you got for Christmas a couple of years ago!

Layer it.

Want to wear a dress, but don’t want to freeze? Just add a cozy sweater over (or under) that fancy dress!

Statement Coat.

Let the coat do all the talking for you! This works so well for a casual party. You can do this with almost any coat you have. You could go with anything from a bright red puffer to a faux fur coat.

All White.

Gone are the days when wearing all white after Labor Day was a faux pas. This outfit is great for Christmas or New Years Eve!

What will you be wearing during the Holidays? Let me know in the comments below!

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