What to Bring on Overnight Flights

I recently had the opportunity to go on an awesome trip to Luxembourg! Before the trip I really wanted to prepare myself for the long flight. On previous trips I found myself super uncomfortable during international flights so I really did my research on what to bring to make the plane ride comfortable. Below is a list of things I am so glad I packed!

  1. Bring things to work on. I usually make a list of things I must get done for work so this just allows me to have extra time to complete tasks!

  2. Most of your toiletries. Pack your lotion, toothbrush, face wash, etc with you. Do your whole normal bedtime routine while you are on the flight. This will make you feel much more relaxed and ready to sleep.

  3. Bring your own food. This one is so important to me! I hate airplane food so I have to pack something for when I need to eat. Airplane food has a lot of salt and can make you more bloated and swollen. Turn it down when you can!

  4. Large water bottle. Make sure to drink plenty of water. Your skin gets really dehydrated during a flight. I used to not drink much water before a flight to avoid the bathroom, but I found that it made me miserable and actually sick!

  5. Bring a neck pillow! This seems obvious to bring on a long flight but I see so many people not take one and I always wonder how they sleep..

  6. Eye mask to block out the reading lights. 

  7. Chargers! Did you know that flights usually have a power outlet under the seat? You’re welcome.

  8. Sheet mask! Your skin needs the hydration and it feels so relaxing. 

  9. Melatonin. This is so much better to bring than a sleeping pill or other medicines that can make you groggy. 

  10. Fanny pack. It’ll make getting through TSA a breeze and you won’t have to freak out wondering where your passport has gone….

  11. Noise blocking headphones. Beats are my go-to. 

  12. Face moisturizer or facial oil. Even if your skin is not naturally dry, you really need to keep your skin hydrated. 

  13. Essential oils. I take a tiny essential oil bottle for eucalyptus (for when I feel sick) and lavender (when I need to relax). 

  14. Socks or house shoes for when your feet get cold.

“But Kelly, what do I wear during these flights?” you ask..

Loose sweats or leggings with a a t-shirt and a hoodie. And don’t forget the fanny pack.


Keep scrolling to see some of my favorite moments in Luxembourg:

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