Helpful Tips for Visiting Magnolia Market

I recently attended a conference in Dallas. A friend and I realized we were only an hour and a half away from Magnolia Market so we had no other option but to go. I am a fan of Fixer Upper and I love Chip and Jo for their style, creativity, and faith. When we arrived, I could not stop fan-girlng over everything and took about 1,000 pictures.

When my friend and I were frantically trying to plan this trip the night before, we were looking up blogs on Pinterest for tips and to be honest, to see if our drive was worth it. We didn’t find too many tips or tricks to help us plan or to know that to expect so I had to write this!

If you are thinking of taking a day trip here, keep scrolling to learn some small, helpful tips for the Market!

Free parking basically everywhere. There is free parking all around the block. All we did was use Google maps and we parked about a block over on the street.

Great for kids. Apparently, Joanna wanted the outdoor space to be family friendly and it is exactly that! We arrived around 10:00 A.M. and there were kids playing soccer and other things in the open space. Yeah, it was adorable! All I’m saying is if I did have kids, I wouldn’t mind chilling there for few hours…

Okay for husbands… not a whole lot for them to do but sit. I tried to get my husband to go thinking he could sit in the bakery, do work, and drink coffee (men….). Luckily, he didn’t go because there is not any seating in the bakery, only outside.

Well priced food for lunch. To be honest, this surprised me. I figured the food trucks there would be pricey but they weren’t!

Not good for cold. But we went on a Wednesday in January that was 55 degrees and it was honestly perfect!

Do not go on a Saturday or summer months. I’m just guessing because there were still quite a few people and we went on a Monday.

Go with a budget in mind. Only buy things you plan for. This is always my advice but you’ll need this tip. The store reminded me of a mix between Pottery Barn Anthropology. However, a lot of the things are hand made which is cool.

It will not take a whole day to go through Magnolia. We spent maybe three or four hours there.

Free shipping in store! I bought items that were breakable so this came in handy. Everything came to my doorstep three days after!

Other things to do in Waco: Magnolia actually offers a free trolly service that will take you around Waco.You can do that and tour Baylor, shop at little places downtown or go eat. You can tell that Magnolia Market has brought modern businesses on the block that look pretty cool.

There is also a local coffee shop near called Common Grounds. Everyone recommended that we go there to try their iced coffee and it was definitely worth it!


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