New Year, New Resolutions

I can’t even count all of my New Year’s resolutions that I have tried and failed. Usually, I start the year off right with a crash diet and try to workout seven days a week. This year, I don’t want it to be this way. I want to set goals I can actually look back on and say I somewhat accomplished. Instead of looking back at how I have failed, I want to see everything I’ve succeeded in. Here is a list of New Year’s resolutions you can make that will not ultimately make you feel defeated.

Resolve to take steps toward a goal. Usually, resolutions end up with everyone saying “I am going to lose 20 pounds.” Instead, make it a goal to find a new workout you enjoy or try cutting out a certain type of food. People like completing small goals, then it is even easier to accomplish the next one! There’s no failing if you set yourself up for easy successes. This will make you feel good about the small choices you are making.

Resolve to think about health and wellness over weight-loss. There is nothing good that can come from starving yourself or worrying about what you look like in a bathing suit. Instead of having a weight loss goal, make healthy choices with your overall wellbeing. This could include finding a restful nighttime routine or adding more natural foods in your diet.

Resolve to do something that feels good every single day. This could be journaling everyday, reading, or working out. This could be a time for you to plan ways to have self care time every day. You know you feel better when you take care of yourself. Sometimes you just need a good excuse to do it.

Resolve to take better care of your current relationships. Every year, January rolls around and we add another thing to our ever-expanding wish list. Instead, let’s invest in the relationships we already have. Call your family and friends to show them you care! Catch up with someone you haven’t seen in a while! Be intentional with people and you won’t regret it!

What are some of your resolutions this year?

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