Small Town Love + Giveaway

I am from a small town in Kentucky called Morehead. In fact, I live in the same area that I was raised, educated and bought a house! I often hear people talk about how they can’t wait to “get out and be free” or “escape” the small town.

While small towns can feel slow, boring, or as if everyone knows your business, it can also make you feel like you have a deep rooted community. When I go to large cities I get the since that everything is busy and rushed, but when I’m home life seems a bit slower and relaxed.

There are definitely pros and cons to living in a small town and there is no shame in living in a place where you feel at home! In my town the atmosphere feels so welcoming and inviting and when I go to the grocery store I usually see about 5 friendly faces that welcome me. When I go to the nearest coffee shop, I get to have conversations with others I went to college with and haven’t seen in a while.

Along with numerous perks of living in a small town a huge one is the community always pulls together for holidays and other events. My town has a Fall Festival, Arts and Eats and a Christmas Festival called Hometown Holidays where the town actually looks like something in a Hallmark movie.

There is such a great sense of community in small town places. Many people who come here from large cities usually tell me the pace of life is so much slower and the people are down to Earth. Some even come from the city to get away and enjoy local products and art.

Though it can be a downfall to having to drive an hour to the nearest Target, it is encouraging to be around many thriving small businesses. There are plenty of locally owned shops in Morehead that are unique and loved in the town. I wanted to use this as an opportunity to promote them and tell you about the giveaway I and a few other bloggers in the area are doing! For more information, go check out my Instagram post!

If you haven’t already, go check out some of my favorite local businesses in the area that are part of the giveaway:

  • Head Strong Nutrition. This new place in downtown Morehead is a must for your next lunch or post workout meal. Here, you’ll go into a hip place and get to choose between numerous protein shakes, all of which taste like Milkshakes without the calories!! Check out their Instagram.
  • Coffee Tree Books. If you see me out and about, you’ll probably find me here. Not only is their coffee good, but so is the atmosphere! It is quite similar to the Talon on Smallville… Look at what they have to offer!
  • Holbrook Drug. This place has plenty of things to buy and eat! While you are stopping to get your medicine prescriptions filled, you might as well shop around. Or you can just simply stop by and pick up some of their fudge. It is by far the best in town! You can check them out here!
  • Kaelynne’s Boutique. Kaelynne’s Boutique has some of the cutest clothes for just about any woman’s style! You can now even shop online! Check out their site!
  • Root A Baker’s. This place has some of the best lunch food in town. I know people who will drive an hour or two just to come eat here! Bonus: if it’s your first visit, you’ll get a free cookie! Go show some love on their page!
  • New Frontier. This place has some of the best apparel for me and women! The best thing about this place is their adventurous vibes. I have so many things from here that I even share with my husband! Check out their page!
  • Ivy Jo Boutique. This place is opening on April 5th and I am way too excited! Check out the Ivy Jo Boutique on the gram to keep up with them!!
  • Beauty by Laryn at Salon and Spa. If you haven’t already, go check out Salon and Spa! They have everything you’ll need to become a brand new woman and feel super pampered! They always treat you so well. While your there, be sure to make an appointment for your lashes with Laryn!
  • Caskey’s Jewelry. Caskey’s is my go to place when it comes to jewelry (usually for my husband when he needs to pick up something nice for me)! I also go there when I need jewelry polished/ fixed! Check out their Instagram!
  • Jensy Wrens Boutique. This place has super affordable clothing for all women and sizes! They even have adorable clothes for the little ones! Shop their stuff!
  • Elegance Boutique. I used to buy all my prom and homecoming dresses here. This place has so much for plenty occasions! Shopping for a wedding dress? Cocktail dress?  This is your place! Go check out Elegance’s website!

It is good to celebrate where you came from and where your home is. If you do live in a small town, be proud of it! What is your favorite part of small towns? Do you love to shop local? Let me know in the comments below!


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