Under $75 Holiday Gift Guide

Ohhhh the holidays. You love the fun and the meaning of Christmas, but sometimes get too stressed because you have no clue what to give to those you love. I just budgeted last month for all of our gifts which really helped me out knowing I will not spend a ton of money that was unplanned. (If you would like to see a post about budgeting let me know)!

Look no further searching all over the internet for gifts for every person, here is a list of things to get for almost every person in your life.

The Christmas party:

It is usually so hard to find gifts that are $5-$15 for the White Elephant party. No one wants to be Michael Scott or Creed at the office Christmas party:

The ladies in your life:

This includes your mom, best friend, cousin, whatever. What do the women in your life like? What are their hobbies? The word that comes to mind is practical. I have a lot of friends who love makeup so I will get them just that! Give them something you know they will use. I once bought a friend concealer for her birthday… apparently it is probably one of the best gifts she has received.

For the men:

Ladies, if you want your guy to be stylin’ even more than he already is, this is your chance. Men are so hard to buy for because we just can’t relate to the things that they want (who would want a saw for Christmas)!? I usually just have to ask my husband what he wants or make a list throughout the year of things he has mentioned. When in doubt, give him something simple and timeless.

Can’t forget the kiddos:

This is the hardest for me. I do not have any kids, so I sometimes forget how many clothes they probably already have. I know they just grow out of them in a few months… This year I made sure not to splurge on a lot of cute clothes for kids (though it is so tempting)! 

What gifts will you be giving this year? Who is the hardest to buy for? Let me know in the comments below!


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