My wedding regrets— 4 things I wish I had done differently

I always get asked about how hectic my wedding day was, what went wrong, etc. I am going to spill it all out for ya. First of all, I don’t want to take anything away from that beautiful day, it was the BEST day of my life. However, I wanted to write this for future brides who are currently pinning their lives away looking at ideas, venues, decor etc. Is it worth it? Of course. Some of the things I did, maybe not.

Below are 5 things I wish I did differently, along with things I am so happy I did!


1. Taken the time to dress shop with all the people I love.

Three months into my engagement of course I went straight to Davids bridal to look around. I went with my mom and a friend and I found a dress I liked that was reasonably priced and bought it. Just like that, the moment was over. The first store I went into I found my dress. Many would think this was great but I wish I had taken my time to shop around more. I also wish I would have invited all my other friends and family (especially my grandmother and my mother in law). About a month later, I looked online and found one I loved (here)  and returned the other one I bought because I liked it.




2. Wearing my hair how I wanted

As an engaged girl, I had pictured my beautiful beach wedding with me wearing a flow dress and my long blonde hair blowing everywhere. When I was first trying out hairstyles every single person advised me to wear my hair up in an up-do or braid. Okay, this was the very logical choice. BUT I was so in love with my hair at the time. I wish I would have worn my hair down, even if that meant it was frizzy and blowing all over the place.

3. Being a Bridezilla

I know many people say this but I really wish I hadn’t stressed out so much about every little detail. My best friends and I stayed up the night before till 4am trying to make sure the decorations looked perfect. I wish I had chilled out about things that did not matter.

A good question to ask is: will these details matter 5 years down the road when you’re happily married?

4. Fighting with my Mom

This goes along with being such a bridezilla. I wish I had spent more time with my family during my engagement year. Instead, a lot of it was spent arguing with my mom about details and planning. Once you are married, time with your family is amazing because it has grown, but it is still a little different. Take advantage of this time of singleness!


What are your biggest wedding regrets? Let me know in the comments!



  1. This was so good and relatable! Something I regret from my wedding day is not scheduling enough time in to spend with my mom and dad. I think I only got around 10 minutes alone with my dad, and no time alone with my mom. The time I spent alone with my dad talking and praying was so special, and I wished I had longer and that time with my mom too.

  2. I think the biggest regret I had was not making time to really go dress shopping. My parents were living in Lexington while I live in Morehead. Due to my hectic schedule, I mainly relied on online shopping. While I liked my dress (found it online), I think I would’ve found my dream dress if I’d made the time to drive to Lexington and actually shop.

  3. Loved these honest and helpful tips for brides out there! Completely agreed with asking yourself if details will matter down the line, and about not drowning in a sea of others’ opinions!

  4. The older people started to leave earlier in the evening than maybe I expected. All of our good friends and close family were still there hanging out, dancing away and having fun. But still, my insecurity made me fewl pressured to go ahead and leave too, rather than staying and enjoying the most fun night of my life! I was too worried about other people instead of considering that I’d never get to do the day again! If I could do it all again I’d have hung around much, much longer!

  5. I completely agree with your regrets! I regret stressing over talking to EVERYONE at the reception. I wanted to make sure everyone knew we appreciated them coming that I forgot to really enjoy the moment.

    1. Yeah I know what you mean. Especially when there is only a short window of time, you gotta have fun while you can!!

  6. loved your post. I feel the same about my dress shopping. I wish I had danced more at my wedding! I was so concerned about saying “hi” to everyone, and being a good hostess, that I didn’t cut loose as much as I wanted to. In retrospect, People came to ME to say “hi/bye” I didn’t need to worry about hospitality as much as I did.

  7. I love this post!!! I’m actually probably one of the few women on the planet who doesn’t really want a wedding but my boyfriend does. I’ve been maid of honor in two weddings and a bridesmaid in countless. I’ve seen the bridezilla and the worrying about small details and the stress. I don’t want any of that. I want a fun low key wedding where I can drink, be merry, and be married! Haha

    1. You go girl!! And you are definitely not alone! Weddings have turned into something different than what they were intended to be, which is kinda sad.

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